Concrete for Foundation

Concrete for foundation - Concrete Pump Hire London. C35 Basement Slab Pumping

Foundation for buildings or any structure requires a concrete mix dependent on the various factors. Concrete for Foundation would be a very generalised topic as different types of Foundations will require different strengths of Concrete. The whole range from C10-C35 could be used in various scenarios. Here from Concrete Pump Hire London (CPHL), we will be able to supply you with All Grades of Concrete with Pumping services no matter what your requirement may be.

Below, please click on where/how you will be using the Foundation Concrete and we will suggest the most suitable Concrete Mix for you:

Single Storey Foundation
C15 or Gen2

Double Storey Foundation
C25 or ST2

Foundation for Flats
C35 or ST4





Concrete Pump Hire London provide their services throughout the capital and within a .

If your concrete foundation requirement was not listed above, we can still help you! We promise you that!

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