Concrete Pump Hire

Concrete Pump Hire London Limited (CPHL Ltd.) is a leading provider of Concrete Pump Hire Services with Ready Mix Concrete throughout London, Essex & Kent. We tailor our services just for you so that you don’t have much to worry about.

Our Concrete Pumping Fleet

Our concrete pumping fleet consists of both Line and Boom Pumps, therefore we are ready for any jobs you ask us to carry out at any type of site. Line Pumps are used for pumping concrete in lower volumes, mostly for domestic uses such as for foundations, slab laying, patios, pavements, driveways, and other similar uses. Boom Pumps are generally used for pumping higher volumes of concrete in larger construction projects.

Concrete Pump Hire London are pleased to offer a guarantee with our popular pump hire services.

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Line & Boom Pumps

Please note that Drum Mixers operate slightly differently and you may be required to pay for the full amount of the Concrete ordered in this case. Rest assured, you’ve got nothing to worry about! That’s why we are here – To advise you and guide you through the entire process – From the moment you give us a call until you are fully satisfied with our services!

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