Types of Ready Mix Concrete

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Ready Mix Concrete Types

These type of concrete mixes are mixed to specification at the design stage in a batching plant. The higher the C-Value, the greater the concrete mix’s compressive strength. Concrete can be Mixed On-Site, Mixed in Transit or Mixed at the Batching Plant. Different mixing methods are used dependent on a number of factors like batching plant location, site where the concrete will be used, etc.


C5 or Foamed Concrete

Manufactured by mixing cement paste (slurry) with foam material, Foamed Concrete Mix (C5) is lightweight and porous. The ratio of slurry to foam is mixed dependent on the where and how the concrete will be used. Typically used for insulation in roofs and floor, it could also be modified to be used for a variety of other purposes such as foundations, slab laying, road foundations, etc. by making the mix denser.

C8 or Lean Mix

Concrete Mix with relatively low Cement content is considered as a Lean Mix. Usually used as plaster in between bricks or in road construction, it acts as a sub-base ensuring a stable platform for roads or other infrastructures. This type of concrete mix provides no real strength. Mixing to the right specification is critical for Lean Concrete Mix.

C10 or Gen1

A general purpose design concrete mix which is quite flexible to be used for various applications such as foundations, footings, blinding, roadworks and much more. Generally used for blinding purposes and thus can be used for sealing in underlying material and prevent them from interfering with the base structure.

C15 or Gen 2

A multi-purpose concrete mix, just like C10, where slightly more compressive strength may be required based on the how the location will be used. Therefore, it can be similarly used for single-story foundations, footings, extensions, blinding, concrete bedded edgings and kerbs, etc.

C20 or Gen 3 or ST 1

As mentioned earlier, the higher the C-Value, the higher the concrete compressive strength and so C20 can be used as a mix for foundation, footings or slab foundation to floors where the ground maybe unstable. C20 mix may also be used for over-site, shed bases, pathways, dry lean for concrete slabs, hardstanding, extensions, garages, etc.

C25 or ST 2

C25 mix is used for double-story extensions, semi-structural over-site, new or replacing existing floors, footings, bases for hardstanding and pathways, and yards.

C30 or ST3 or PAV1

Generally used externally, C30 concrete mix is ideal for light-use pavements such as driveways, patios, pathways, pavements, etc.

C35 or ST4 or PAV2

Stronger than C30 / ST 3 / PAV1, C35 is more preferably used when flexibility and durability are required for residential driveways, yards and industrial areas. This mix is therefore able to withstand intensive use. This can also be used for foundation for flats (structural footings) and occasionally as an over-site mix to add extra strength to basements which are known to be damp.

C40 or ST5

Used in the agricultural industry, it’s an ideal mix for slurry and silage pits in farms, floors for stables, etc. C40 is necessary in these cases as some may contain waste products from various elements which are contained over a longer period and would require it to withstand various chemicals used. It can also be used for structural roadworks, footings, driveways required to withstand heavy load, class 2 sulphate footing, railways, railway platforms, and much more.

Screed Mix

Mostly used as a medium over underfloor heating / pipes, it normally consists up of 3-parts sharp sand and 1-part cement which makes it quite strong. This mix is not an absolute requirement but the floor laid underneath is not always of a high standard which may cause some problems while laying most floor finishes. Screed Mixes are expected to provide various advantages over over-site mixes such as shorter drying times, strength and workability.

Screed mix with fibres ensures good distribution and reinforcement as necessary which reduces the risk of cracking and strengths the laid mix further.

WaterProof Mix

Waterproof mix is used for multiple purposes such as basements, swimming pools, bridges, water tanks, underground, tunnels, storage areas, etc. Waterproof concrete mix is achieved by reducing the amount of pores by increasing the density and decreasing the ratio of water to cement in the mix. A variety of waterproof mixes are available as per your requirement such as Pudlo, Permatite, Caltite, etc. which all over a 20 year guarantee on their mixes.


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